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About Brizo.

Brizo Bituin is the sole proprietor of The Starlight Store. She is a Filipino witch, diviner, and stargazer.Born in the Philippines, Brizo grew up hearing stories both of local folklore and her family’s witchy and spiritual antics. Growing up in a spiritual and religious household, Brizo has always been intrigued by the unseen and the realm of spirits.Embracing the wisdom of her ancestral and familial traditions, she weaves spells that resonate with cosmic energies utilising techniques from traditional Filipino magic, catholic folk magic, ceremonial planetary magic, and chaos magic to create her own unique blend of magic. She also schedules her ritual workings using astrology and under specific astronomy events such as meteor showers.With a genuine passion for divination, Brizo utilizes tarot, oracle, Lenormand, runes, palmistry, astrology, and dream interpretation in her practice. With gentleness and respect, she helps others explore their inner selves, embracing their shadows with compassion and understanding. Brizo also enjoys connecting her clients to their spirit companions, familiar spirits, and the divine.As a devoted follower of Titaness Asteria, the Titan goddess of falling stars and nighttime divinations such as oneiromancy (by dreams) and astrology (by stars), Brizo's spiritual path is divinely inspired by the Titaness' domains. She holds a special place in her heart for the ancient guiding force of the Titan Goddess and the stars.In addition to her devotion to Titaness Asteria, Brizo's spiritual practice extends to the Diwata, the revered Filipino pre-colonial pantheon. With deep reverence and a profound sense of cultural heritage, she pays homage to these ancient deities, drawing strength and inspiration from their timeless wisdom.Beyond the realm of spirituality, Brizo finds delight in simple yet meaningful pleasures. When not immersed in her witchy endeavours, she becomes enchanted by video games, explores her musical interests with the piano, and nurtures her artistic soul through various creative pursuits. From baking delectable treats infused with intention, to expressing her artistic vision through traditional and digital art, writing and journaling her innermost thoughts, or capturing the essence of life through photography and videography, Brizo's creative spirit knows no bounds.Nestled in the tranquil embrace of rural England, Brizo finds solace with her beloved husband and her cherished Shih Tzu familiar, Safi. Open-hearted, she offers guidance to those seeking clarity and a chance to slow down in the modern fast-paced world. Brizo's spiritual journey is a continuous exploration, shaped by divine, spiritual, and elemental energies around her. She firmly believes that life is about learning, discovering, and appreciating both the inner world within you and the outer world around you.


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Spirit guide or deity readings and confirmations

All readings performed by The Starlight Store are dictated by the consent of the entity the client wishes to communicate with. We will not demand information that a spirit guide or deity will not freely give. Usually, they are willing to share information, but there are cases in which they prefer more privacy. We respect this decision and will try to get as much info as the spirit guide or deity are willing to provide. Please note that not all entities will want to speak or cooperate to a third party diviner. We will be in touch if this is the case and provide an alternative service or issue a refund at the discretion of the diviner.

Spellwork services

Although success rates are high, no spell work is guaranteed. Purchase of any spell casting services should be treated as purely for entertainment purposes. The Starlight Store fully stand behind our bespoke spell casting services and work closely with the client to ensure the most favourable results. Typical spell work manifestation period is roughly between 3-6 weeks. Results can vary from person to person, some spells can take just one hour after casting to manifest, while others take up to a year. Please note that spells may not always work in the way you expect them to, the future is never set in stone, every choice you make can potentially changing your path. We reserve the right to modify, reject or cancel any spell casting services, whenever it becomes necessary.

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